About Us

ListMySearch is a social blogging site, started in the year 2019, which broadcasts media to the world. This platform aims to let you know all the information that can affect your life and encourages every individual about the inner inhibitions of who you are. This platform has no age restriction. In this world, everyone is free to do what exactly they want depends upon confidence. The platform aims to provide motivation & guide to every individual where they needed.

It’s all about our daily working life. What are we doing & what we want to do? We get the ideas, success stories, issues/solutions by you and provides to others who needed that. Our small step may change someone’s life.

Every Individual is busy in daily work life and doesn’t have time to discuss things with others. When we have an issue or needed motivation, we mostly visit the professional motivator but Visiting a professional does not always solve the problem. Sometimes we have the same problem in our life so someone’s solution can solve others problem. As we all know motivation is the main factor of success that’s why we share the success stories of people to motivate others.