Chatbot vs Email Marketing – Future Marketing Automation

As the e-commerce industry is growing, the marketing team are facing new challenges to increase customer engagement. In the current marketing trend, chatbots have proved themselves to be incredibly effective than email marketing for both marketing and sales.

More than 80% of e-commerce websites are using chatbots for clients engagement and sales. With the rising trend of chatbots, it looks email may not survive in the future – is it true? Are chatbots continuously improving ownself to make email marketing a thing of past?

It may be true as the number of websites with chatbots increasing day by day. But does it have to be? Chatbots and Email marketing both come with their pros & cons, which serves you Best it depends on your industry & audience.

Here in this article, we’ll take a look at what each platform offers, why should implement one over other or in many cases use both. Facebook Messenger Platform is the biggest chatbots marketing platform, with approx 50K active chatbots on Facebook Messenger.


Why use chatbots over email marketing

Open Rate & CTR: The most important & valuable benefit of chatbots from a marketing perspective is that messages, notifications sent by chatbots having higher and click-through rates than emails.
You can expect an open rate of 75-85% on average with Chatbots. Email marketing has an open rate of 30-40% on average. Chatbot marketing promises 2-3 times better open rates than emails.
Pricing: Coming to the pricing, you will find the pricing models to be pretty similar for both. But email marketing is available in the market from the ages there are several workarounds and cheaper service providers as well. Chatbot marketing is considered more expensive than emails.
Autoresponders: It is something which is offered by only chatbots. You can send buttons as a message which is more user-friendly for quick responses.
Content: Emails allow you to write and send more content in newsletters as compared chatbots. Email provides Freedom to send more content.
Well, all these factors detailed above change your mind to completely rethink your strategy and built a bot right now. But don’t take action immediately.

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